Trinidad and Tobago

Team TT  As part of the One Health Caribbean Leadership Series, teams are required to complete a National    Project. These projects were designed with the mission of addressing and solving real problems in    the various countries. Problems were identified at the interface between human, animal and    environmental health.

 PROJECT TITLE: Potential risks of the consumption of shark meat to the public of Trinidad & Tobago

 PROJECT OBJECTIVES: To analyse existing data on imported and locally-caught shark and shark    meat in Trinidad & Tobago

   To determine the levels of mercury, lead, arsenic and chromium in local and imported shark meat    (by species if possible) consumed

   To ascertain the consumer knowledge on the potential risks and the shark-human interface

Team Trinidad & Tobago                                                 

Dr. Dwight Walrond, Deputy CEO, Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) presents
Certificates of Achievement to Dr. Paul Crooks, Mr. Chris Saith and Dr. Janine Seetahal. (L-R)

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