St. Vincent & the Grenadines

IMG 8190  As part of the One Health Caribbean Leadership Series, teams are required to complete a National Project. These projects were designed with the mission of addressing and solving real problems in the various countries. Problems were identified at the interface between human, animal and environmental health.

 PROJECT TITLE: Mitigating the effects of the invasive species Pterois volitans (lionfish) on the marine ecosystem of the Grenadines

 PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Strengthen the capacity of fisher folk to safely harvest the Pterois volitans (lion fish) by    September 2016

 Increase the public awareness about the harmful effect of the Pterois volitans on the marine environment

 Promote the role and function of the public towards reducing the effect of the lionfish

 Reduce the population of the Pterois volitans to safeguard the source of commercial fish in the Grenadines


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Team St. Vincent & the Grenadines L-R
Dr. Adana Mahase-Gibson (Project Manager),
Dr. Malaika Glasgow,
Ms. Kerry-Ann Hamilton

*Missing from photo: Dr. Kathian Herbert-Hackshaw

Our Collaborators