IMG 8193 As part of the One Health Caribbean Leadership Series, teams are required to complete a National Project. These projects were designed with the mission of addressing and solving real problems in the various countries. Problems were identified at the interface between human, animal and environmental health.

 PROJECT TITLE: Managing Health Together

 PROJECT OBJECTIVES: To identify and institutionalize a model for engaging the Ministries of Public Health, Agriculture, Communities and Presidency and other relevant partners in matters relating to the One Health Approach.

 To increase awareness of the negative effects of improper solid waste management practices so as to encourage responsible management of waste.

 To identify the criteria and a methodology for accrediting communities as Open Garbage Disposal Free Zones.


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Team Guyana L-R
Dr. Adana Mahase-Gibson (Project Manager),
Dr. Rennard Overton,
Dr. Maxine Parris-Aaron

*Missing from photo: Dr. Dane Hartley

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