IMG 8194  As part of the One Health Caribbean Leadership Series, teams are required to complete a National Project. These projects were designed with the mission of addressing and solving real problems in the various countries. Problems were identified at the interface between human, animal and environmental health.

  PROJECT TITLE: Investigation into the presence of antibiotic residues and multidrug resistant Salmonella in the locally   produced poultry meat.


  To obtain baseline data to be used in the development of a sampling and testing strategy for a  national monitoring  programme for antibiotic residues and multidrug resistant Salmonella in poultry meat (i.e. sample size  calculations, drugs of interest, costs involved, etc.

  To obtain data about the presence of selected antimicrobial residues and multidrug resistant  Salmonella spp.  in poultry meat produced in Barbados during the period September 2015 to July  2016.


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Team Barbados L-R
Mr. Stephen Harte,
Ms. Maria Ingram,
Dr. Vicki Aimey




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