Antigua & Barbuda

IMG 8177  As part of the One Health Caribbean Leadership Series, teams are required to complete a National Project. These projects were designed with the mission of addressing and solving real problems in the various countries. Problems were identified at the interface between human, animal and environmental health.

  PROJECT TITLE: Interventions to assist farmers in reducing the impact of the Giant African  Land Snail in the South-  Western Area of Antigua.

 PROJECT OBJECTIVES: To assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of farmers towards the Giant African Land       Snail in Antigua as measured by a survey entitled ‘Farms, Farmers and  the Giant African Land Snail’ 

  To develop alternate strategies for the control of the Giant African Land Snail 

  To conduct farmer field training based on the integrated management guidelines 

  To sensitize public health professionals of the public health consequences of the Giant African  Land Snail through         meetings and training materials 

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